In the year if 1500, with the arrival of the Portuguese sailors to the Brazilian coast, at the ‘Rio dos Frades’, arrived as well the name ‘Trancoso’, identifying up to our days one of the most beautiful and charming coastal villages of Brasil.

Five centuries have gone by and the cultural interchange, together with the mix of races and ethnicities, continues to be one of the most fascinating features of the place.

On the ‘plateau’, bordered by magnificent beaches of golden sand and warm, clear waters, arises the famous ‘Quadrado’.

This square, originally a Jesuit village maintains till this days its peculiar houses, spectacularly preserved by the natives and the ‘biribandos’ (name given by the natives to those inhabitants who come from elsewhere).

Here the rustic past blends majestically with the sophisticated ‘way of life’, imported from cosmopolitan big cities. Thus, spontaneously appearing every evening, artistic manifestation that only being here can be understood and enjoyed.

This is Trancoso, a magical place not to be missed.

Not far from here are two of Bahia’s pearls – Espelho beach and Caraíva.

On the way there, be sure to stop at the ‘Pataxós’ Indian Reservation; you will feel at home listening to the dwellers as they share with you their history, their culture and customs.

Golf lovers will encounter the breathtaking Terravista Golf Course, considered to be one of the best 18 holes course in South America. Incredible views in a challenging champion ship course, kept in an immaculate way.